“Garden Society of Wildwood”


Amended: February 2011

Amended: February 2012

Amended: February 2013

Amended: February 2014

Amended: February 2015

Amended: February 2016


The name of the organization will be the “Garden Society of Wildwood.”


To protect, beautify and learn about the environment.  To enjoy the friendship of fellow gardeners. To collectively provide charitable support to a local non-profit organization(s).


Anyone interested in the objective for which the “Garden Society of Wildwood” is organized will be eligible to hold membership.


  1. Membership is limited to 30 members.  If membership is full, potential new members will be placed on the waiting list until an opening becomes available.
  2. Potential members are required to read the by-laws and pay dues prior to receiving membership.
  3. Membership consists of an individual membership.
  4. Primary means of communication is via email.


  1. Each member will host or cohost one activity or meeting during the year and work with the Activity Committee to:
    1. Plan and implement an activity.
    2. Provide refreshments, restaurant reservations, etc.
    3. Notify members about the activity details via prepared flyer one month prior.
  2. Members are required to attend at least four (4) scheduled events per year when we have potential members on our waiting list.
  3. Members will notify the host no later than one week before an event whether they will or will not be able to attend.
  4. Members must be current on payment of dues.


  1. No individual sales for self-profit will be solicited during the “Garden Society of Wildwood” meetings/activities or via email.
  2. Garden related announcements and civic requests pertaining to the group will be made after approval by the President.


  1. Dues are payable November 1st of each year, made payable to the “Garden Society of Wildwood” and delinquent after November 30th. Membership will not be guaranteed for renewal after November 30t h.
  2. Individual membership will be twenty dollars ($20.00).
  3. New members joining during the first half of the current calendar year (January 1 through June 30 ) will pay twenty dollars ($20); (July 1 through November 1) pay fifteen dollars ($15). Anyone joining after November 1 of the current year will pay twenty dollars ($20) towards the following year’s membership.


The fiscal year will be January 1st through December 31st.


Activities and meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month, with the time and activity decided by the hosts.  As noted in “Maintaining Membership”, each member will host or cohost one activity/meeting per year.  The activities are coordinated with the Activity Committee.


Section 1.  OFFICERS

A. The officers of the “Garden Society of Wildwood” will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These officers constitute the Board.

B. The term of office is two years and may be held for two consecutive terms (4 years maximum).  Board members will have alternating terms so all Board positions are not held by new members.

C. The President and Secretary elections will be held on even numbered years.

The Vice President and Treasurer elections will be held on odd numbered years.

D.  A large part of the officers’ duties are to recruit members, make new members feel welcome, and help them assimilate into the Garden Club’s culture.

E.  A member may run for the same office after being out of the office for four (4) years.  A different office may be held in the interim.

Section 2.  PRESIDENT 

A. Presides at all meetings, and may call special meetings when needed.

B. Approves payment of all bills and signature is to be on the bank account.

C. Reviews the minutes of each meeting prior to publication.

D. Keeps the membership informed with monthly newsletters.

E. Supports the Activity Committee as a member.

F.  Appoints member(s) to complete unexpected board member vacancies created in between elections,


A. Presides over meetings in the President’s absence and heads committees determined by the President.

B. Prepares the Information Notebook each January with the assistance of other officers. The Information Notebooks are distributed to the general membership in February.

C. Performs the duties of absent officers or finds an appropriate substitute.

D. Receives and tabulates ballots during elections that do not include the Vice President position.

E. Maintains membership attendance records.

F.  Assists the Member Relations Committee and arranges discounts from area nurseries.

G. Membership Reports

    1. Provides yearly reports to the members to be included in the Information Notebook.
    2. Updates/maintains membership and RSVP lists.  These will be updated throughout the year and sent to the members via email.
    3. Prepares name tags and discount cards.

Section 4.  SECRETARY 

A. Records meeting minutes and provides a copy to the President for review.

B. Presents the minutes of the previous year’s business meeting at the February meeting. The minutes are included in the Information Notebook.

C. Assists the Historian Committee, if needed.

D. Receives and tabulates ballots during elections that do not include the Secretary position.

Section 5.  TREASURER 

A. Dues

1. Notifies all members via email by mid October that dues must be paid by November 1st.  This notification will include payment instructions.

2. Sends a list of paid members to the President by November 30th.

B. Bank Account

1. Records receipts and disbursements.

2. Disperses funds to meet Society obligations with the President’s authorization.  3. Reconciles monthly bank statements.

C. Financial Reports

1. Provides a report of the previous year’s income and expenses at the annual Board and Business Meetings. These are included in the Information Notebook.

2. Prepares the Financial Comparison report of the previous years’ spending by category.  This will be provided to the Officers at the Board Meeting.

D. Receives and tabulates ballots.


Section 1.  Nominations  

A. In September, the President will send out a request for nominations for the offices available the following year.

B. Nominations will be submitted to the President by September 30th.

C. Members may nominate other members or themselves.

D. Only one (1) nomination is needed to be placed on the ballot.

Section 2.  Elections 

A. Will be held in October to elect officers for the upcoming year.

B. The President and Secretary elections will be held on even numbered years.

C. The Vice President and Treasurer elections will be held on odd numbered years.

D. Special elections to fill a position vacated before the completion of an officer’s term may be held at the Board’s discretion, or, a replacement officer may be chosen from the membership by the Board.

Section 3.  Ballots

A. Ballots with each nominee’s name and the position nominated for will be sent via email by October 15th to all members by the Vice President.

B. Ballots received without a name will not be counted to ensure that each member only votes once.

C. Ballots may be returned electronically or by mail by October 31st to the Vice President or Secretary depending on which position is not on the ballot.

D. The Vice President or Secretary will tally the votes and submit the results to the Board no later than November 15th.


Committees may be created for a specific purpose by the Board.  Committees may elect a chairperson to serve as the lead and contact person.  Officers may be a member of any committee.  Committees have no fixed duration; they may function continuously or disband once their objective has been achieved.  The size of each committee is based on the scope of its objective.  Some of the long standing committees and their recommended composition are listed below:

Section 1. Activity Committee

A. Consists of two to four members to collaborate with the members to develop ideas for activities and help with followup and implementation.

B. Activities will be submitted to the Officers by November of the year prior to the activities taking place.

C. Maintains a permanent record of activities held and a directory of resources and ideas for future activities.

Section 2. Historian Committee 

A. Consists of two to four members that may be responsible for photography and historical record keeping of the scrapbook for each year.

B. Members change every couple of years.

Section 3. Member Relations Committee 

A. Consists of three to five members.

B. Responsible for sending out birthday cards to each of the members.

C. Send cards and/or deliver a plant or flower to members who have been ill, hospitalized, bereavement, or other worthy situations. etc.

D. Contacts and develops a list of local nurseries offering discounts to members of the current year to be prepared in the spring.

Section 4. Member Recruitment Committee

A. Consists of three to five members.

B. Recruits new members through the Wildwood Gazette, newspaper event columns, flyers or posters may also be distributed to area businesses or at public functions.

C. Maintains a current waiting list of potential members.

Section 5. Website Committee

A. Consists of up to five members initially, one to two thereafter.

B. Created to develop a website for the Garden Society of Wildwood to enable existing and potential members to access to the club’s by-laws, activities, newsletters, etc.

Section 6. Charity Giving Committee

A. Consists of two to five members.

B. Created to identify potential charity donations and support, including annual collections at Holiday Party.


Section 1.  Financial Reimbursements

A. Activities – Flyers will be prepared for distribution via email one month prior to the activity by the hostess group; therefore no expenses will incur.

B. Holiday Party – If held at a home the host will provide the location. All necessary food, beverages will be provided by the membership.  Reimbursement for any additional costs incurred will be at the President’s discretion, but should be approved prior to the event.  If the Holiday Party is held at a restaurant, each member will be responsible for his/hers meal.

C. Speakers – An honorarium may be given to speakers and requires board approval.


A. Active members may present proposed by-law changes to a Board member.

B. The Board will discuss the proposal within 45 days of submission.

C. If a majority agree that the proposal should be considered, it will be submitted to the membership for a vote within 60 days of the original submission date.

D. Fifty percent (50%) of the membership must vote, and a simple majority is required for passage.

E. Voting may be accomplished through e-mail ballots that may be returned electronically or by mail.  Ballots received without a name will not be counted to ensure that each member only votes once.

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