2016 Activities






Jan 11th

11:00 am

Officer’s Meeting

Mary Schwantes


Feb 8th

11:00 am

Annual Business Meeting

Mary Schwantes


Mar 14th

10:00 am

Bee Talk by Monsanto Dr. Jerry Hayes

Fran Komar

Susan Robb

April 11th

10:00 am

St. Louis Composting


Carolyn Hampel

Patty Dear

May 9th

10:00 am

St. Louis Iris Society


Del Baynes

Kathy Fischer

Webster Groves Secret Garden Tour

June 13th

9:30 am

Members Garden Tour

Mary Schwantes

Diann Kramolowsky

Diann Kramolowsky

Julie Housley

Leslie Lenz

July 11th

10:00 am

Cacti/Succulents Hillerman’s

Carol Schmidt

Toni Meyer

Aug 8th

10:00 am

Kokedama-String Gardens & Flowers & Weeds 314-578-8793

Karin Foster

Mary Schwantes

Sept 12th

10:00 am

Orchids @ Windy Hill Nursery 636-742-3010

Susan Runde

Oct 10th

10:00 am

Dry Flower Wreaths, Garden Art, Leaf Art

Toni Meyer

Carolyn Hampel

Nov 14th

10:00 am

Winter Containers @ Garden Heights Nursery

Richmond Heights

Susan Rademeyer

Linda Harnacker

Dec 12th


Annual Holiday Party

Brenda Mast

Sally Allen

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